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The greatest show on Earth comes around once every four years; this year Television Jamaica (TVJ) were the sole rights holders for Jamaica. As such, while TVJ focused on broadcasting games islandwide, It’s Pixel Perfect was focused on bridging the gap between the client and their fans, using digital media. This represented the largest event of its kind that we at IPP have been involved in to date. We set out on the Road to Russia with the aims of: building the excitement, engaging fans, creating the atmosphere and making the World Cup as phenomenal in Jamaica, as it was in Russia. By using various digital platforms and tapping into our creative reserves we were able to provide exciting, engaging and ubiquitous content under the hashtag #TVJRussia.

This is our journey.


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Based on experience with working on sporting events, there is an assortment of line items that fans look out for. They want:

1. Access to Live scores, Team updates, Star Players, Host country, Highlights/Exciting moments, Statistics.

2. Access to high quality, live photo and video content from Russia.

3. Engaging analysis using the most exciting methods.

4. To be a part of a community of football fans.


  1. Develop a platform that creates a digital community for Jamaican football fans.

2. Enhance sponsor opportunities by introducing new marketing techniques and partnerships.

3. Capitalize on multiple consumer touchpoints using an omni-channel approach.

4. Introduce cutting edge sports analysis techniques to local viewers


Based on the latest marketing trends, our approach for 2018 will see us using different customer touchpoints to engage users across the following platforms:

  1. Traditional Media

2. Digital Media

3. Experiential 

4. Physical Locations


Given the fact that TVJ has not broadcast coverage of the World Cup to Jamaicans for over a decade, it is only right that we use the coming months ahead of the FIFA World Cup to create mini-campaigns. This will help us to build momentum and generate excitement before the start of the World Cup. This will also help endear the public to TVJ’s analytical cast, present great TVJ World Cup memories and showcase what is to come in June and July.

1. Squad list/Featured players/Group Profiles/Countdown

“We closely followed the activity of the different teams competing in the World Cup and when their squads were released. Once this information was collected, it was released as content showing which players were selected to be apart of the team, and who was left out. The Squad lists, player illustrations, group representations and countdowns  invited a forum of discussion and debate which provided an opportunity for engagement.”

2. Football 101

There is a common misconception that females are not interested in Football and so the viewership isn’t high. This year TVJ will create and execute a campaign which will target females and in turn, get them involved and interested in the sport.


  • Appealing to females who have no interest at all may be difficult 
  • Appealing to different types of females through one campaign 


This idea came about because we found these like these on the internet which justify the need for this type of content.


  • Educate females about the sport and its players 
  • Engage females across all social media platforms 
  • Introduce football into daily activities 
  • Showcase the brotherhood and lifestyle of football 


  • Engage females across all social media platforms through a month long campaign 
  • Educate females about the sport in order to develop a love for the sport even after the World Cup Event. 
  • Showcase the reality of female and football through engaging content on social media platforms

This content featured various elements of a football game, an explanation of what these elements are, and how they work. The text was accompanied by videographic examples. It served to educate the public and to drive engagement.

3. Patois Dictionary

These were some jargons in Jamaican dialect that are used in a football conversations. It had a similar purpose as the “Football 101” content which was to educate and engage; with an added cultural flair to make a global event feel more familiar.


Both the TVJ and TVJSN pages will receive activity during the tournament. While TVJ takes the lead on the World Cup coverage, TVJSN plays a supporting role in generating discussion and sharing news updates from Russia:

Live coverage

The graphics created were complemented by illustrations; which were creative depictions of the hottest topic of the moment. These were intended to spark debate and conversation among viewers. In a bold and innovative take on Influencer marketing; four digital characters were created to garner a personal interaction between the brand and their viewers. The characters were intended to engage directly  with viewers. 

Social Media Influencers

Using the characters that were introduced pre-World Cup, we had the four-member team cover games on Twitter; with Sasha acting as host, any combination of David, Michael and Ricky provided commentary. All while accompanied by their trusty Goat sidekick.

Engaging Content

Graphics were created for basically every aspect of the campaign. There were match day graphics; including goals, full-time and halftime scores; banners for various social media, illustrations to accompany blog posts, as well as illustrations for posting. The image to the right is an example of the latter, these types of graphics were meant to incite discussion.


In addition to social media coverage, we expounded on the full digital experience of the World Cup by providing blogs akin to ESPN, Footy Room, and the like.  Blogs were mostly opinion pieces, written to spark debate and spur deeper interest even when the games have ended for the day.


TVJ’s dedication to a digital arena for their coverage of the World Cup included creating a World Cup-specific website as an extension of their usual website. This site featured the blog posts that were written, snippets from the panel discussion, fixtures, group information and a “prediction” game for users. 

Fan Reaction

International Engagement

Below is a close up of Brazil’s tweet. Proof of the far-reaching content that was being produced. This was actually their second reply, the first had the same text but not the gif seen here.


For the 2018 World Cup final, we plan to engage our audiences with the following:

World Cup Final watch party sponsored by Coca-Cola 

At one event, during the Brazil and Mexico Round of 16 game, we captured the Brazil fans’ jubilation after the all-important second goal. This particular video reach viral levels with upwards of 2700 Likes, over 900 Retweets and nearly 100 replies on Twitter alone. One of those replies actually came from the Brazil FA’s official Twitter page, thanking Jamaica for their support. That reply received a further 150+ Retweets and 200+ Likes.

Tweet from ESPN Journalist

Our photo coverage garnered widespread recognition including international interactions. As seen in the photo to the right, even ESPN pundit  Alexis Nunes stayed tune to our coverage. She retweeted a picture that was taken by our team and posted to the client’s page. Being of Jamaican heritage, she interacted with the page on a few other occasions as well.

Winner graphic


The extensive FIFA World cup campaign gained set the standard for comprehensive 360 coverage of an event that gained worldwide recognition. The results are uncanny, as the performance of this campaign crowned it the most impactful World Cup campaign in the english speaking Caribbean. 

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