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Boys and Girls Champs 2014


TVJ wanted to dominate the media coverage of the highly anticipated annual Boys and Girls Champs. Live television broadcast with their on site reporters, in house analysts and radio reporters meant that social media was the only missing link. TVJ realised that they are highly engaged by their followers on their Facebook and Twitter social media platforms and wanted to maximise this presence through live coverage. This case study represents the IPP execution of a live social media campaign in the area of sports. This type of coverage was the first for the IPP team.


To assess if maximum social media coverage was achieved by It’s Pixel Perfect for the project ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships from March 25-29, 2014 across three social media platforms for Television Jamaica.

Facebook Followers

Increase TVJ’s followers on Facebook by 2000 persons.

Event Coverage

Post live pictures and videos every day of the event.

Live Engagement

Provide timely and consistent updates across the three social media platforms.


This was a seven-days campaign. The first two days were used for lead up promotion and the remaining five days for live social media blogging executed on site at the National Stadium in Kingston. Each days coverage varied with a minimum coverage of 10 hours and a maximum of 13 hours. Coverage each day included the use of two live bloggers and one photographer.


This campaign will increase Television Jamaica’s followers on social media and also establish it as a reliable source for real-time track and field event information and other events sponsored by the group. This noted reliability would result in current followers spreading the brand’s praises to others and making a commitment to get results/updates from only TVJ moving forward.

Though IPP was only given a specific target for Facebook, the company thought it necessary to include TVJ’s twitter account and create an Instagram account to have maximum social media coverage.


Create an Instagram account
Link the Facebook account to twitter
Start the promotion two days before the actual event on Facebook
Have a photographer on the track at all times to capture the events up close
Use mobile devices instead of laptops
Paid advertisements on Facebook page
Provide ongoing concise and accurate information/updates for every event on the track and the field via Facebook
Post pictures with Facebook posts on the final day of the championships, to give the followers visual content.


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Facebook Followers Increased

Facebook Daily Reach

Instagram Followers Increased

Instagram Posted Content

Twitter Followers Increase


Large outdoor events for long hours require additional human resource by the IPP team.
The IPP team must be equipped with additional resources.
Ensure that the company (person who contracted IPP) delivers on demands necessary to the completion of the assignment (example: accreditation, press passes) so as to limit the need for improvisation.

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